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Stránky FP TUL pro zájemce o Erasmus+ a zahraniční mobility


Ayşe Ceren Sun

Isik Universitesi Istanbul
02 November 2022
What do I study at my home university
Faculty of Sciences and Letters, Psychology

I am Ayşe Ceren Sun who is a 4th-grade student of Psychology at Işık University in İstanbul, Turkey.

Why did you dedice to study abroad?
I wanted to experience different styles in the education system in my branch. Also, I see it as an opportunity to travel to broaden my horizon while I am studying. 

What made you choose the Technical University of Liberec?
I was curious about taking courses from a technical university in my branch. In addition, the combination of the university environment with nature and city life influenced my decision.

When you compare your home university and TUL. What is different?
In the case of the environment, there are not so many differences. As my home university is also placed in a natural environment. However, my courses are mostly placed in the P and H building which is different for me after experiencing campus life for 4 years in my university. Furthermore, one of the things I like most at TUL is having a course that we walk with our teacher in the city center and get knowledge while enjoying the view of historical buildings.

Why should young people study abroad?
Considering students' both educational qualification and life, it is a beneficial experience for several reasons. Firstly, even talking in English the whole day makes language skills way developed. Also, meeting with many people from different cultures improves empathy and communication skills. Lastly, being apart from family and leaving the comfort zone is an advantage to progress even though it might felt as a disadvantage at the beginning.

What top 3 tips or pieces of advice would you give future Erasmus students coming to Liberec?

  • be prepared for winter
  • be open to meet new people
  • be ready for silence in the city
Correspondence address

Technical university of Liberec
Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education

Univerzitní náměstí 1410/1
Liberec 461 17