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Stránky FP TUL pro zájemce o Erasmus+ a zahraniční mobility

Çanakkale Türkiye

Fuat Koç

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Universitesi
30 January 2023
What do I study at my home university
English Language Teaching, Faculty of Education
First thing that comes into your mind when someone says Liberec and Czech republic
Dobry Den, Cold whether but If you re coming from Çanakkale Turkey. It is easy to adapt.
One course I´d recomended to my best friend
Personal Growth for Erasmus Students and Language Games Developing

Hello, Everyone. I am Fuat Koç. I made one winter semester in Liberec. Liberec is a cute and cold city but not a living city that much when we compare it to the other big cities in the Czech Republic. ESN  makes more appealing Lİberec with parties and social activities.   I travelled to 10 countries and 18 cities during my Erasmus period. The Czech Republic is a good country to travel to other countries due to its location. I made so many good friends from different nationalities. They made my Erasmus joyful in Liberec. The young generation of Czech is so kind to the foreigners most of the time. I also made some Czech friends here, not only Erasmus Students. Before coming here, you can learn some basic Czech words because most people don't speak English. 

Correspondence address

Technical university of Liberec
Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education

Univerzitní náměstí 1410/1
Liberec 461 17