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Stránky FP TUL pro zájemce o Erasmus+ a zahraniční mobility

Spain - Asturias

Marta María Calonge Peña

Universidad de Oviedo
16 June 2023
What do I study at my home university
Primary Education
What made me choose TUL
It is in Czech Republic and its location
First thing that comes into your mind when someone says Liberec and Czech republic
my friend and memories of this year
One course I´d recomended to my best friend
choir practice

Hi, this is me (on the left) and my erasmus friends. I'm from Galicia but I study in Asturias. We did our Erasmus year in Liberec. It has been a wonderful year, full of trips, parties and very cool get-togethers. For me choosing a small city was the best decision because when we wanted to party we went to Prague (only 1 hour away) and when we didn't we stayed in Liberec and do some other plans. I definitely recommend this destination and I am sure that if you are open to meet new people and get out of your comfort zone, you will enjoy it a lot. My biggest piece of advice: wrap up warm in winter, it's very cold!

Correspondence address

Technical university of Liberec
Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education

Univerzitní náměstí 1410/1
Liberec 461 17