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Stránky FP TUL pro zájemce o Erasmus+ a zahraniční mobility

Eindenhoven, Netherlands

Karolína Valterová

Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven, Netherlands
09 November 2022
What do I study at my home university

Why did you decide to study in Czech republic?
Although I was born in the Czech Republic I have lived in Poland, Germany and the Netherlands for my whole life and never had the chance to go back to my home country for longer than just a holiday. Therefor I thought it would be a great opportunity to do a semester of my study in the Czech Republic. Another reason why I chose Czech Republic for my Erasmus is because of its culture, nature and Erasmus experiences from my friends. Lastly in this uncertain time I thought it would be easier to be in a country where I am able to speak the language and have relatives that could help me out.

What made you choose the Technical University of Liberec?
I chose to study at the Technical University in Liberec for a reasons. Firstly I wanted to study in the Liberec region and from reviews and positive feedback from my friends which study at the technical university I knew that this university was the one I wanted to do my 6 month study at. The erasmus programme at the TUL is widely recognised and students that I have talked to were satisfied with their stay.  

When you compare your home university and TUL. What is different?
In my home university I mainly only see students from the same faculty throughout the week, whereas here at TUL I meet people from a variety of different faculties which is a pleasant change. At my home university we don't have so many student facilities as here at TUL such as the dorms, bars etc. and to find student housing in the Netherlands is a big struggle. At my home university it is very international where students are from all over the world whereas here it is mostly students from Europe.

What courses do you attend? Are they only for Erasmus students?
I attend 7 courses here at TUL. My “Presentation skills” course and “Historical Heritage of the Liberec Region' 'contain both Erasmus students and Czech students. The course” Relationships in child group” is a Czech course and therefore I am the only Erasmus student in it. The rest of my courses are only for Erasmus students” Philosophy of Humanities”, “Introduction to Psychology for Erasmus students”, “Personal growth”, “Selected Issues of Sociology”.

What are the financial terms?
Most of the Erasmus students have gotten an Erasmus grant. I have not received one from my University as it was not automatically added to my learning agreement. I was unaware I had to ask for the grant separately and therefore I have not received it.

When someone says Czech republic what comes to your mind as the first thing?

  • Home
  • Beautiful nature especially in Winter when it is covered in snow
  • Beer

What top 3 tips or pieces of advice would you give future Erasmus students coming to Liberec?

  • Take warm clothes if you're coming in the winter semester. It gets cold here and many Erasmus students don't expect it.
  • Visit as many places as you can while you are here and before you start getting deadlines and exams. You will remember these trips for the rest of your life
  • It is always nice to have a Czech buddy or Czech friend while you’re here as not all the people around Liberec speak English.

How is the Erasmus atmosfere in Liberec?
Great. The ESN group really try to make our Erasmus experience in Liberec the best by making weekly activities such as country presentations, themed weekly parties, laser game, watching hockey game, going to the trampoline house. You won’t get bored here. Their organisation is on point and the fact that they do this willingly and manage to create such a great community of people that turn into family is really impressive.

Why should young people study abroad? What would you tell them?
Opportunities like being able to study abroad for a year or just 6 months don't come up too often in life and therefore a life experience that you won't regret. For me Erasmus was life changing. Getting to know people from all over the world, different cultures and visiting new places  has made the last months unforgettable and something that I will cherish forever. I have made friends for life and learned so much through my courses.

You were born in Jablonec, spent a few years abroad and here you are studying as Erasmus student in Liberec… could you explain it a little bit?
I was born in Jablonec nad Nisou but right after me and my family moved to Poland due to my father's job. There we lived for about 3 years and then moved to Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic where I attended 1st Grade. After 1st grade my dad got another job opportunity but this time in Bonn, Germany and we decided to move again. There we (my family) live till today and I study for the past 2 years in Eindhoven, in Netherland. And therefore when the opportunity came up to do a minor abroad I decided to go back home as I have never actually lived here and always only spend holidays here.

So far you have studied in Germany, Netherland and Poland can you compare the education systems of these countries (Karolína)
In Germany I attended an International school which really emphasized races, open mindedness, equality, our different cultures and celebrated them. I am really thankful I had this opportunity to be a part of this international community and educate myself on different cultures. I wished in the Netherlands the emphasis on different cultures, languages and nationalities was greater as it was mainly focusing on the dutch culture and traditions although we were an international programme.

What is the most beneficial thing about erasmus? Have you already experienced something that will influence you for a longer period of time?
Being able to meet people from around the world, living with them in the dorms has been an unforgettable experience. We have also done quite a bit of traveling at the beginning of Erasmus which I won't never forget. Country presentations have taught me a lot and something that I will not forget once I visit or hear about the country again.

Your favorite language? 
That is impossible for me to say. All languages are beautiful and I wish I knewI more of them. Czech is my mother language so it will always have a special place in my heart, but English is the language I feel most comfortable in and can express myself best in. German is a nice language but not to listen to haha and Dutch I cannot speak

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