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Stránky FP TUL pro zájemce o Erasmus+ a zahraniční mobility

Liberec Erasmus 22/23


03 February 2023
What do I study at my home university
Teaching for Secondary School, Math and Politics
What made me choose TUL
First thing that comes into your mind when someone says Liberec and Czech republic
A lovely city which became my home and Harcov (the dormitories). There are six buildings for the students, two "Clubs" and three bars, all next to each other. Best student life I ever had!
One course I´d recomended to my best friend
Language games developing foreigners languague skills, Czech Language

My name is Ronja, I'm 26 years old (yes, very old, especially in Czech Republic -> You don't get student discount anymore after you turned 26 here (but nobody controls it ehehe)) and I spent one semester at the TUL here in Liberec.
I really enjoyed it here, especially because of the size of Liberec - it's a small city, never really crowded (except in Tesco around 5 pm) with beautiful nature nearby.
I hiked a lot - the forests are beautiful and also not very crowded. In winter you will have a lot of snow here, like real snow, not this 2cm of snow you have in the average city every second winter! You can built a giant snowman and endanger your Erasmus-friendships in a ruthless snowballfight, its lovely. Also there are many ski-areas nearby.

But the best about Erasmus at TUL and Liberec was for me, that there are not that many Erasmus students. We were around 70 in the winterterm, what is nothing compared with big cities like Praha (=Prague, but everyone wants you to call it Praha here). In the events of the ESN (Erasmus student Network) Liberec, you get to know them. Also there is the Erasmus Party in one of the dormitories "Clubs" every thursday. It's easy to find friends here!

From Liberec you can also travel very easily to Poland, Germany and other countries. With Flixbus or Regiojet you can go to Praha in one hour for 1€! From Praha you can catch a flight to many other locations as well. If you are into hiking, you should visit Bohemian Paradise in Czech Republic and Saxon Switzerland in Germany/Czech Republic (It is on the border of Germany and Czech Republic and called Switzerland, don't get confused).

Liberec is totally dead at the weekend because the buses drive only once every hour and nearly every Czech student goes home, but I still really like the city. There are many beautiful places and squares, a very beautiful townhall (like the one in Vienna, but smaller) and for the size of the city there are a lot of things to do. I recommend the Regional Galery, the North Bohemian Museum, Laser Tag! - and if you are into shitty amusementparks, like me - the Dinopark! It's a Dinopark for children, but you can also enter as an adult and enjoy the absolutely realistic dinosculptures and the other stuff in that place. Also it is a great location for Jurassic Park Themed pictures of you and your friends (Maybe you have to wait until some children make space for you, but it's totally worth it)! And a nice funfact about Dinopark: It is inside the Plaza Liberec (shopping mall) and as an advertisement, they placed two dinosaur-sculptures on top of the building. But well - Liberec as a city has beautiful architecture and is pretty historic. So, some "historical" people complained about the dinosaur-sculptures, because they thought that they don't fit into the old historical city Liberec! To that complaint the responsible person replied: "But what isn't historical about dinosaurs?" and the sculptures stayed where they are. That's my favorite fact about Liberec so far.

Ah and one beer (0.5l) in the student bar near the dormitories is less then 1,50€! <3


Correspondence address

Technical university of Liberec
Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education

Univerzitní náměstí 1410/1
Liberec 461 17