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Stránky FP TUL pro zájemce o Erasmus+ a zahraniční mobility

Basque Country student in Liberec

Xenia Gómez

University of the Basque Country
02 November 2022
What do I study at my home university
Faculty of Arts, Languages

My name is Xenia Gómez, I am 20 years old and I am from the Basque Country, part of the Spanish state. My university in my country is called University of the Basque Country and there I study my third year of English studies.

Why did you dedice to study abroad?

I decided to study abroad because since I was very young I have always liked travelling, meeting people from different countries and discovering other cultures. Apart from that, I study languages so I love learning new language or learning how to live in a country whose language I do not speak, I consider it an opportunity to discover my capacity of adapting to new situations and environments.

How is the Erasmus atmosfere in Liberec?

The Erasmus atmosphere in Liberec is really cool, especially in the Harcov dormitories. You can find anything here, every place is close from the other places. There are many bars, there is a cantine, a shop, a gym… The young people like partying a lot and they are usually really nice to socialise with. If they know how to speak in English they will 100% try to help you in anything they can.

What is the most beneficial thing about Erasmus? Have you already experienced something that will influence you for a longer period of time?

For me personally, what I found the most beneficial about Erasmus taking into account what I am studying is being able to practice my English with people. Here, as I cannot speak Czech yet, Ensglish is my only tool to be able to communicate with people here, so it is really good for me and for my fluency of English. I will notice that for sure when I go back to my country in June, as before cominng here I was afraid to talk in English and I did not have the fluency that I have now after just two months of being here.

Why should young people study abroad?

I think studying abroad should be something that all of us should do at least once in our lives. You grow up as a person, you learn how to be independent and how to administrate your money, you can visit new places travelling… It is a big opportunity to mature and to discover oneself.

What do you like about living in Liberec?

What I like the most about Liberec are the beautiful landscapes you can find here. I love nature and being able to walk to class enjoying the view of a big lake in the forest is amazing. I love that it is a small city and it has everything. Apart from that, it is amazing how close it is from Prague, I will never get tired of visiting th capital of the Czech Republic, it is really beautiful. Also, I must say that living here is really cheap and affordable.


Correspondence address

Technical university of Liberec
Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education

Univerzitní náměstí 1410/1
Liberec 461 17